02/04 First Entry

Now that you should know about how our world works a bit I can start this journal properly. Just in case you didn’t catch the 2 previous parts I wrote, the first one is about the N•Viron system, and in the other I talk about Arpies and Reclaimers. Go back and look. Not really sure why I decided to start keeping a journal. Perhaps I sometimes feel a little lost in the system, that I need to do something that leaves a mark and gets me noticed. Makes me stand out.

I was a good kid. Well behaved. My parent’s loved me and took care of me. No real story there. Other kids were sort of rebellious, and would tease me sometimes about how straight laced I was. We didn’t have a lot of money, and made too much qualify for any assistance, so we made do with what we had. I’d try to help out in little ways, but not if I could help it. I built my own N•Viron system from my old backpack-style wearable computer and some old N•Vision glasses I got given to me by a friend. He always had the latest system bought for him, so he didn’t need them.

It’s funny, the same friend that was so into the latest and greatest technology back then is now so anti-N•Viron that I’m surprised he hasn’t joined the Discons. Anyway, I got the glasses and the computer to link up, installed the the software, and kept my home-built system running a lot longer than it should have. Eventually the motherboard crapped out. I got myself a budget model N•Viron after that. It did the trick, but I still had trouble with some of the newest games and apps.

I’ve always been fairly handy with technology. I love being able to just pull up the repair instructions and see how it all fits together. Anyone could do it, but people would still rather have someone else fiddle with it just in case. No-one wants to be responsible for it if the repair doesn’t work. I don’t mind. I like to fiddle around with things and have no problem being able to admit it when there’s nothing else to be done except replace it.

At the moment fixing things is still sort of a hobby. I just do it on the side . Every so often I consider making a go of it as a full-time career, but I’m self taught. No official qualifications. I’m still hoping that word will get around, and someone will want to throw me some arpies my way for doing a good job. So far I’m just fixing things for friends and family, and the occasional co-worker. Nothing major.

Online classes are expensive, and I don’t think they’ll teach me anything I don’t already know. I can’t buy the classes because I don’t have the Arpies, I can’t charge people for fixing stuff because I don’t have the credentials. I have a retail job, a crummy little apartment, and I keep wasting Arpies, I should be saving for my future, on games.

Did I introduce myself? My name is Jaime Anderson. People call me James, and I hate it. My name is Jaime, pronounced Hi-may. I’m male, cisgender, and in my mid-twenties. Brown hair, blue eyes and about 1.7m tall, with a bit of a tummy. I like my avatar to be a bit paler, eyes bluer, hair darker (sometimes even a dark blue or purple) and a flatter belly. I don’t go all out like Mister Waddle. I just like to keep the blacks blacker and clean up the tattier bits. I don’t often bother, but I’m going out tonight. Got to look my best.

A girl I was talking to through the N•Viron chat asked me out. I haven’t been particularly successful with girls in the past, in fact, I barely know what to say to them. I don’t really know this girl, and she doesn’t know me, but we seem to like a lot of the same things. She’s not local, or at least not usually. She’s visiting someone for a few months and then heading back home. I forget where. Either way, if I mess up, she’s not going to be around for me to regret it. Here goes nothing! Wish me luck.


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