How To Write

I’m planning to write a series of articles on the subject of writing. The plan being to release the collected articles as a single book when I’m done.

My intention is to eventually create a complete guide that covers everything from coming up with ideas and starting a rough draft, all the way through to publishing, marketing and selling your book.

I’ve met a lot of writers struggling to get started or to finish what they’ve started, and it’s my sincere hope that I’ll be able to help them and others to become successful writers.

I don’t have all the answers yet, but by working on this project I will learn more about the process as I go. Commenting will be open so you can tell me if any advice I’ve given it utter hogwash, or if you’ve found a better way to do it.

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve said “I wish someone would…”, well I’m going to try. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about writing you’d like me to research and write about. If you wish I can even give you a mention in the acknowledgements section of the finished book.

The first few articles will be ones I re-blog from the now defunct ‘Creative Writer’s blog’, but when they are all transferred over there’ll be some fresh new content added.