All prices are negotiable, but I don’t work for free. If you can’t pay for my services with cash then I willing to work for services or products of equal value. For example, I’m always looking for artists to illustrate my blogs or provide cover art for my books.

For a ghost-written full-length blog article (750-1250 words) including links, video and pictures. I’d like £100 per article.

Shorter ghost-written articles wouldn’t include a video (unless it was a video post with just a few written lines), and would only be £50 each.

In either case I can offer a discount if the article has my name on it and includes a mini-bio linking back to my homepage. In other words, if it’s not ghost-written.

We can also make a deal on contracts for guaranteed work. If you want me to write you two articles a week, one long, one short, every week for six months, for example. Just contact me and we can work out the details and a fair quote.

For all other ghostwriting services I’ll be basing the quote on a rate of £25 per hour. Again, this can be negotiated, and we can work something out with, weekly, monthly, or word count based rate instead once we hash out the scheduling, budget, and amount of work that would be involved.

I’m also willing to adjust my pricing on books if I get a co-author credit and a portion of the royalties.

Cross-promotion, voice acting, pod-casts, editing and original musical compositions are all acceptable bargaining chips. As would a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew, a car, a bigger flat (apartment), or a paid holiday! I’m sure you could come up with others. 🙂

Contact me and we’ll figure something out that works for you.


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