Book Spotlight – Terminus

This isn’t one of mine. Terminus is the wonderful brainchild of Jaye Milius. A talented woman using to try and promote and sell her book. At the time of writing she’s only 41 pre-orders away from getting her book published. You can pre-order an ebook copy for only $10, which is about £8. I urge you as a reader, perhaps even as a fellow writer, to show your support and put in your pre-order.

I see you need a little more convincing. Okay then. The core premise behind Terminus is that a new technological marvel has been developed that allows living people to communicate with the dead. In Jaye’s own words, “In a future where technology lets the living speak with the dead, the afterlife is big business. Families can be reunited, lost loves can be together again, aging rock stars can even play reunion shows with long dead bandmates… all for a price.”

As you can see from the video, the author has put a lot of work into the characters and is truly passionate about the subject matter. I particularly like the idea of Sully, the aging rocker performing a reunion tour with his dead band-mates. She’s posted several chapters, she says eleven in the video, but I haven’t checked. Go see for yourself, starting with the Prologue. Read and be hooked!

Still here? Fine! Here’s what some of the people who’ve read it already had to say about it:

Brilliantly written, Terminus drives you through a remarkable world – one where not only is death not the end, but where the dead and the living work together. Challenging, intriguing, and completely engaging, I highly recommend picking up this title.

Terminus has a truly interesting concept in which the characters can thrive and come to life. By creating a fully realized world, the author draws the reader in by directly establishing the world to the reader, which then allows the reader to fully engage with the imagery presented. I look forward to reading more.

How many thousands of stories have you heard of in which Speaking to the Dead is a central premise? I guarantee you’ve never seen one as creative and gripping as Jaye Milius’ “Terminus.” Her writing is a master-class of technique. Follow where she’s leading you, and enter a brilliantly imagined world where technology and spirituality intertwine, and where death is no longer the end of anything.

This is a premise I have never considered, artfully executed. It flows well, especially with as much explaining as it has to do. The pacing feels good, and it keeps my curiosity piqued without overwhelming me. Followed, in the hopes of learning more.

Mitchum and Fox.png

Are you convinced yet? Good! Now go to, put in your pre-order, and help get Terminus published. As I said earlier, she needs only 41 more pre-orders to make her dream a reality. What I didn’t mention earlier was that she only has 38 days left to do it! So in, addition to putting in a pre-order yourself, I have one more favour to ask. Tell all your friends and family to do the same! Share her Inkshares page on Facebook and Twitter! Pre-order additional copies for people with no internet access! Let’s make this happen!

Comment if you want, but if you really should be talking to Jaye. Have a great day!