First Week at Whitewater

Despite my earlier concerns I’m enjoying working a second job at the Whitewater Hotel. I still feel like I’m desperately behind on my writing, but I’ll just have to prioritise, reorganise, and make good use of the time I’m not working at the hotel.

I’ve already met several interesting characters. One of whom we’ll call “Mr. Pubb”, on the off-chance that he’ll read this and not find it at least a little bit amusing. He’s a very smart man, works for a large pharmaceutical firm, and is used to talking to people that he’s intellectually superior too. He’s clearly used to reading people easily too. I’ve seen Mr Pubb guess, correctly, several interesting facts about my new coworkers. He tried to do the same to me, but he was wrong.


Of course, each time he did I felt the need to correct him, so he knows a lot about me too. However, this worked in my favour as he found travelling engineers, designers, and other smart people to talk too. Each time Mr Pubb saw me he’d introduce me, some of the details of which I would once more feel compelled to correct. Either way, there are now a few more people that know I’m a Sci-Fi writer. One of the people Mr Pubb introduced me too I would be very interested in talking to again. We’ll see if he’s still in the hotel tonight, or if he contacts me.

I unfortunately also discovered that my dress shoes are not suitable for the job. In my first week I worked Thursday 3-11pm, Friday 7-11am and 6-11pm, and then Saturday 7am-3pm. Thankfully they let me stay in a spare room overnight, so I didn’t have to try and get the bus back home and still get there early the next day. However, by about 11am on Saturday my feet were hurting so badly I couldn’t think straight. I was limping with both feet. If there was going to be a moment when I learned to levitate, that would have been the ideal time.

I whined about it on facebook and got some great responses, including several useful foot exercises which allowed me to sleep that night. It was also repeatedly recommended that I get better shoes and much better inserts than the gel insoles I’m using now. To that end, I’ve already started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the mere £75 I need to get myself properly equipped for the job and prevent having to feel that agonising pain again. I’m not exaggerating. By my final hour of my shift, I was physically shaking from the pain. I put my feet up as soon as I could, but I still had to wait 45 minutes for the bus!

Speaking of buses, last night I worked from 6-11pm, and I don’t start today until 6pm again. However, I got done with work early and practically ran to catch a bus that I thought would be there at 10:45. I was wrong, but I sort of suspected I was. I remembered seeing a two hour gap between the return buses on the timetable, but I was nevertheless hopeful. It wasn’t a terribly cold night, but it was dark and by the time the bus almost drove right passed me (I had to wave my Lego Darth Vader Minifig light and my phone) I was feeling a chill.


What I didn’t know at all was that, instead of taking a route that would stop only 3 minutes from my Grandparent’s house (where I currently live), the closest it would come was a 15 minute walk. As I said it was dark, and when it started down a road I didn’t recognise, I wasn’t absolutely sure. Until I saw a landmark that I know comes after my regular stop. Luckily the bus driver made an unscheduled stop for me, only about ten minutes from home, but uphill, and I’m still wearing my crippling dress shoes. Luckily my feet weren’t hurting yet, but it was only a 4½ hour shift.

With the adjustment to the new scheduling, I didn’t get around to writing Hermes925 last month, and I was still shattered on Sunday. Though I still managed to update The City of Gate, it took me all day. For those that don’t know, The City of Gate is an RP group I run on Facebook. Do you like games like D&D or Vampire: The Masquerade? Would you like to control a character within a fantasy narrative? No rules, no dice, just story. Anything goes as long as you keep the story going. Bad things happen if you don’t make one comment per week, or if your character does something fatally stupid.

2016-07-08 21.05.22

I need to keep up with Hermes925, it’s a lot of fun to write at moment, though it is taking it’s time to come through. Every word seems to be taking great effort right now, not just writing new ones, but polishing up the older entries. There’s no great hurry on this, but I want to make sure they’re ready before they’re published elsewhere. The Ubiquicity story isn’t flowing easily right now either. However, I need to keep up with both.

Like I may have mentioned, Hermes925 is getting serialised in a pulp-fiction mag style e-zine called Diversions from Drudgery. The first issue is coming out next month. I will be sure to include a link on this website as soon as it’s available. There will no doubt be a blog article also.

Still, I wish I had the time to work on an audio version, perhaps even a YouTube video version, of Hermes925 for my friends that are blind or have other problems reading. I good do some blog articles that way too. I have a much better microphone now, so videos shouldn’t be mumbly anymore. I just need time to come up with a better video solution. The PC that can handle our DVD quality mic doesn’t have a camera, and my face would be mostly concealed by pop-screen anyway.

I’d like an illustration, or perhaps animation. Original music would be good too. We’d each get a cut of any profit we’d make from our YouTube collaboration. Perhaps I’ll even set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise some starter cash for the project. I don’t have the time right now though, and I probably won’t until I have enough Patreon subscribers to be able to quit working a second job.

If you’re interested in seeing Hermes925 as a YouTube series complete with animation and a musical theme, please contribute to my Patreon campaign for now. If you can’t though, that’s okay. I’ll raise the money eventually by working at The Whitewater Hotel, and the money I’ll make for the ezine, but it will just take longer. I’m still going need those shoes though! 😉

I also plan to rewrite the ghost story that was recently rejected. Thanks to a lot of great feedback, I’ve decided to include the original story in a larger narrative. This is going to take a lot more research into police procedures, locations, engineering, etc. For now, the ghost story and the faery story I’m working on will both have to wait until I can afford the time.

Before I forget to mention it; The Whitewater Hotel is hiring! If you’re looking for work and live in south Cumbria, give them a call!

If you have some objection to of, but still want to help I will accept either one-off donations or one of the subscription options below, via Paypal.primary-sml_btn  preferred-sml_btn  premium-sml_btn posh-sml_btn preposterous-sml_btn




Thank you for reading, and have a great day 🙂

It’ll Come

I have some pretty big plans for my life. Maybe you already know this, but just in case you don’t, and because I want to talk about it anyway, I’m going to tell you all about them.

The first thing I intend to do, once I’ve raised at least £1000, is buy some Ernie premium bonds. This is going to be my “Oh shit!” fund in case an unexpected expense comes up, but otherwise, it’s just going to sit there and potentially win me some more money. If things go well I’ll invest more as I go.

Once that’s in place I can begin saving up towards self-publishing costs. I hope that Hermes925 will get picked up by a publisher, but just in case it doesn’t I want to be able to publish it myself. This is the reason I’ve been begging for subscribers. In an ideal world one of the publishers that I send the finished manuscript to will love it and cover all the costs of printing and distribution, but I’m also aware that we don’t live in an ideal world. I want to be prepared for the worst while I hope for the best, and expect to have to spend some money to make money.

During this time, not after, I’d like to repay some of the kindness shown to me by my girlfriend, and my family and friends. As most of you know I’m living with my Grandparents right now. My Grandma isn’t doing so great at the moment. She’s got no motivation or energy and is spending a lot of time in bed. This is unusual for her since she’s usually so full of life and energy. Grandad thinks it’s her medication, but I can tell he’s worried. They’re both in their 90’s and usually take care of themselves, and me, very well. One day though I’ll need to take care of them, and I plan too.


My girlfriend tells me that she doesn’t mind having to pay for everything, and says she knows I’ll pay her back, even if it takes a few years. I worry though that her patience and faith in me may run out sooner than she thinks, especially if it does take years. Currently, she’s quite happy playing Xbox while I write. 🙂

My Dad is still recovering from a nasty fall that cracked two vertebrae and put hairline fractures in his pelvis and the neck of his femur. He’s laid up in bed, unable to work until he heals. My Dad, Mum, my Sister and her daughters all live in Wales. It’s beautiful and I think I’d like to move there when I can afford too. In the meantime, I’d like to visit them and buy nice things for my nieces. Bethany wants to be a writer herself. She’s already written some children’s books I’d like to help her publish.


Once my family and friends are taken care of and comfortable, there are a few old debts from the US I need to take care of. I also promised my friends a party mansion, where they could each have a room if they wanted. Then we can start having some real fun. I’d like to open some hobby businesses. Including a gaming bar called D20’s where grown-ups can play tabletop games and have a pint and a laugh.

Until then I need to keep writing. I’m going to get some more Hermes925 written, continuing from where I left off the other day. I also need to keep writing for Games and Geekery, and so some of the money I’ll be making will go toward buying games to play and review. Including rebuilding my collections of Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer 40,000 and Munchkin. All of which I was forced to give up and sell to move back to the UK.

With luck and persistence, I’ll be able to get people talking about my writing, build up some buzz, and get some more subscribers and patrons. To that end, I’ve already sent a bunch of tweets out to famous people I admire and respect. We’ll see if anything comes of it. It’s possible they won’t respond, everyone’s focussed on the inauguration of President Trump right now. Regardless, I’m just going to keep writing away. If I keep sharing my work and talking about my writing online, sooner or later it’ll come.

Have a great day. 🙂

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Fortune Favors The Bold!

I know that if I write every day and develop my craft that someday, organically, someone with some pull might discover me. However, I’m impatient to start living the life I want. With that in mind, I’m going to start some aggressive networking.

I’m not going to step in gingerly either. I’m going to reach out to people I truly appreciate and admire in movies, business, literature, art, music and other forms of entertainment, and try to make a great impression (yes I do consider business a form of entertainment). I took the plunge when I decided to become a full-time writer, I see no reason to break that trend.


For over a decade I’ve waited, putting my dreams on hold to build what I was taught to believe was a solid foundation. Marriage, house, career, etc. Only to find it all crumble beneath my feet and forcing me to return home to my family with my tail between my legs, my hopes dashed.

Until I realized that I have nothing to lose. I might as well go for it, aim high and see where I land. This is my first desperate bold attempt at joining the ranks of the successful as a writer.

You may just have stumbled upon this blog page at random, or even followed a link on Facebook or Twitter, but hopefully, you’re reading this because I reached out to you and asked you to. If you did, you are one of the people I admire and aspire to be like.

Please don’t be offended that this article doesn’t address you personally and that you’re not my only choice. I do realize that I may be shooting myself in the foot doing it this way, though. I know that you’d be more likely to respond and feel personally obligated to help me if I singled you out, and you alone, as the one person in the entire world that could change my life for the better.

However, it might also come across as a little stalker-like if I did. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I hope you don’t see my approach as too impersonal or too public. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just have to follow through and write the down the words,  and perform the actions, as they come to me.


Here I am. A writer trying to finish his first book, living with my grandparents at age 36. Frustrated that I can’t afford to help pay for groceries or the Internet service I rely on, or take my girlfriend for a date, or indulge in my hobbies such as Warhammer 40k, Munchkin and Magic: the Gathering! I used to have large collections of all three, but circumstances have forced me to part with them.

I’d also love to help my friends, many of whom are struggling artists and writers themselves, and my family who have supported me so much and helped me recover from my failed marriage. Especially my Sister’s two wonderful daughters, who deserve the best chance in life I can afford to give them.


I’m not asking for anything grand. I don’t expect to be suddenly wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Your endorsement and/or patronage would be appreciated but isn’t required. I really just want this opportunity to present myself and my writing to you, and see what happens.

I’m currently working on a SciFi. It has elements of Orwellian dystopia and dark fantasy, and I’m really enjoying writing it. It’s called Hermes925 and you can read everything I’ve written for it so far under the Hermes925 tab of this website.


I also have a roleplay group I run on Facebook called City of Gate that has a small cult following, and another blog I collaborate with several of my friends on called Games and Geekery. I have a few other crazy ideas, mostly sci-fi and fantasy stories, that I’m choosing to keep on hold until I’ve finished Hermes925 (my Sister challenged me to get it on the shelves by June).

I’d love to develop my YouTube channel and do a podcast again also, but I lack the proper equipment, as you can see in the video above. I did briefly co-host a podcast called ‘The Masquerade‘ when I lived in America (I’m ‘The Brit!’). Sadly, for financial and emotional reasons, I had to come home to the UK before it bore fruit.


What do you do?
If you do nothing else but answer this question, I’d be so happy!


I have enjoyed your work. It would please me to no end if you enjoyed mine.

Have a great day 🙂

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You hear a lot of negativity about millennials. For those of you that aren’t sure what a millennial is, it refers to people who became young adults at the turn on the century. I turned 20 in the year 2000, so apparently I qualify.

I already thought of myself as one anyway, even when I thought it referred to people 5-10 years younger than me, because of the way they are described. We’re often thought of as lazy and unproductive because we’re not satisfied by our lot in life. Instead of being good little workers, we questions our bosses and slack off if we don’t think the work is worth doing.

The typical reaction when we’re accused of this is to become defensive. We tell our accuser that we’ll try harder, even giving a detailed plan of how and why we will change for them. We promise to compromise, and then feel wretched about ourselves when we continue to rebel against our situation, when it turns out they were right.

This is usually attributed to the fact that we were told that we are capable of greatness. We were told by our parents, teachers, and the culture at large via the tv shows, movies and music we were raised with. We can accomplish anything we set out hearts and minds to.I still believe this. I am determined to prove it’s true.


Just like almost everyone in my generation, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, hypo-mania, and a variety of other medical terms to explain and correct my aberrant behaviour. None of it works, and I believe it’s because the real source of the problem is not a chemical imbalance.

The chemical imbalance is a response to the fact that, as we become adults, we are no longer encouraged to be the best. Instead we find we have to do as we’re told and stay in our lane. They tell us to grow up.

We spend our childhoods dreaming if the day when we can choose a career that makes us happy, carefully select a partner that enriches our life, buy a home and decorate it any way we wish, and have beautiful, intelligent and free-spirited children of our own.

Then we become adults and have a hard time fitting into a system that has us performing menial tasks for minimum wage, leaving us struggling and desperate. We cling to bad relationships and try to keep crappy jobs to keep a crappy house he can barely afford. It’s logical that we should find this depressing. It makes sense that we would become distrustful and anxious after being told that our childhood was a lie.

I don’t believe it was a lie. I think we can accomplish whatever it is we truly want to do, whatever it was we were meant to do. The standard counter-argument is “You can’t do whatever you want. You could never be the president of America.” Firstly, The current president elect is proof that very unlikely people can become presidents. Secondly, I don’t want to be a president!

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

I’m not trying to become something I’m not. That’s exactly why I couldn’t handle trying to be a bartender, or a debt collector, a car salesman, or even a marketing assistant. It’s not who I am. It’s not who I’m meant to be. It’s not who I was raised to believe I could be.

I’m a writer. That’s who I am and I’m determined to succeed in life as a writer. In a way I already have even though it’s yet to generate an income. I write every day. Even on the days I’m giving myself off, I still find myself scribbling down a few notes or writing an article. To be fair, I also find myself on days I should be writing unable to get a satisfying paragraph on paper, or zoning out as I’m editing. I’m happy.

Tt’s difficult and scary decision, following your heart, your dreams, your true path. It won’t be easy, it may even be downright stressful, but it’ll feel right. Don’t get dissuaded because broken people tell you to give up like they did. Don’t put out that fire raging inside telling you that you have to do something. Go do that thing!

Follow my progress and see for yourself. It’s possible to get the life you dreamed of. Not by signing up for a get rich quick scheme, but by following your heart and doing whatever it is, deep within the core of you, that you really want to do. You can help me achieve it to, and see what your support can accomplish. In return I’d be more than happy to help you accomplish your goals in any way that I can.

I want you to share this with other ‘millennials’, or anyone else that’s been disappointed by what real life has to offer. Stop being ashamed of being called the ‘Peter Pan generation’. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Keep thinking happy thoughts and fly!

Make your happiness a priority. Have a great day!

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I’m Doing It!

I’m actually doing it! I’m writing every day. You may be thinking to yourself “so what, do you want a prize?” Yes, please. Yes I do.

I’ve felt the urge to quit the day job and become a full time writer several times over the last few years. Before that it was just the urge to quit! I knew what I was doing didn’t feel right, but I didn’t know what it was I wanted to do instead.

As a child I would write pages of ideas about what I might be when I grew up and completely missed what it was that I was actually good at, until recently. I want to write. It feels right. Being home to do it feels right too.

I admit that part of the problem I had with actually taking the plunge when I was in america was trying to figure out what I’d do for money. I was already in debt, which getting worse every month. If I had no job except writing, there’d be no income and no health insurance, and soon I’d have no internet, no computer, nowhere to live and nothing to eat.

Luckily I had a safety net. I went back to my family in the UK. I feel a little bit guilty about taking advantage of my grandparents hospitality, but I have no rent to pay, no bills, and Grandma and Grandad will make sure I’m fed. There’s no better time than now to go for it.

I only have about $200 left of the money reserves I made from working at the Brown Cow Inn, because occasionally I like to buy stuff and take the bus or train to somewhere different. So I will have to find a way to make some money at this. I’ve already set up the account to try and acheive this, but I’m thinking I should diversify and explore some other ways to build up an income.

Particularly since I currently have no patrons at all. It is right after christmas though. Everyone is broke right now. I need to be patient, but while I’m waiting I can still be writing and looking for other ways to sell it. I don’t mind doing the work because it feels like it’s the work I should be doing.

It’s also nice that I’m my own boss. I can set my own pace depending on my mood, adjust my schedule whenever I need to, and I get to decide what happens to the money. When there’s money. It’s going to become a problem if I don’t start to get at least a little bit trickling in. I don’t want to have to go back to working for someone else. I like having my whole day to write in.

The more I write, the better I’ll write. I’m going to work on some more Hermes925 later. The sooner I can finish the entire manuscript, the sooner I can start pitching the book to publishers. If I can actually meet my sister’s challenge and have it available to buy by June, I’ll be very happy.

So now that I’ve got this off my chest, my justification for being a jobless scrub, I’m going to get myself a glass of water, some headache pills (the one from yesterday never left) and get on with Hermes925.

Have a great day 🙂

..for as little as 81p per month!

Here’s my latest live video on Facebook. Hopefully I can figure out how I downloaded the first one I did to the computer, so that I can upload it to YouTube too!

I forgot to mention that, in addition to my personal website, the Games and Geekery blog, the Facebook pages, and so on, I also have a profile on to try and generate a little income from my writing. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so for as little as 81p per month right now.

Money will go towards better recording and audio equipment, a new laptop, and more notepads, pens and food for my belly. The goal is to have enough patrons each donating a just little each month so that I can write full time and put Hermes925 on bookshelves!

Please check it out at and share it with friends. Please and Thank you.

Moving on!

The newest installment of Hermes925 is up! You can click here to read it or scroll up to where it says Hermes925 and then scroll down to the bottom of the drop down menu. It seems to me that clicking the link would be easier!

It was a tricky one to get right. I wanted Hermes to be a different personality from Jaime, and yet I wanted it to be clear that Jaime’s writing style has influenced the AI when he decided to finish writing the journal Jaime started.

I was going to write an article for Games and Geekery also, which is actually and not like I said in the video. I will be writing an article about some of my adventures in Skyrim. particularly those I experienced from the Clockwork mod.

However, I still want to include the gameplay video from the Xbox. I think I just managed to share it to my twitter feed. I don’t used Twitter very often. Partly because I prefer Facebook, and also because my username is @AntonyMXUK. I thought this was frightfully clever when I lived in the US. I’m Antony M. (Copeland), former resident of the UK. Except I’m not ‘former’ anymore. If the UK were my ex, then we’re back together.

It doesn’t really matter since no-one gets it, but someday I may create a new Twitter account and pick a username that doesn’t taunt me by being inaccurate.

Anyway. I’m going to try and download the video, add an audio track explaining what’s going on, and then write a Games and Geekery article about my current favourite Skyrim Mod(s). Technically I’m also running the Better Vampires mod and the Sofia mod, to name only two.

Because I was a vampire I discovered that I could feed on the Gilded. So I forged myself a silver sword, and enchanted it with turn undead to see if my hunch was correct. Most of the Gilded are too strong for turn undead, but occasionally you can make one run. I also equipped the best anti-undead spell I had.

It’s a great story, with a great super creepy intro and you end up being able to keep the steampunk mansion as your personal in-game home! I highly recommend it. Here’s a picture of a gilded for you.


And here’s the video I’ve been trying to download/ upload! I’ll write the G&G article tomorrow now since it’s been a long day and I’m developing a headache.Have a great day! 🙂

Dawn of the Superbabies!

I was considering writing an article all about it now being legal in Britain to produce a child using the DNA of three parents. I was at work when I first heard the news and wanted desperately to jump online and write about it. However, I was at work. By the time I got home nearly 12 hours later the subject had been well covered, but I really liked the working title, so I kept it.

We cannot use personal phones whilst at work, which is annoying since I not only use my phone to take notes, but I might also have been able to do some preliminary research via the internet. There are cameras everywhere, allowing the management and the owner to see what we’re doing, to make sure we’re keeping busy. I know that taking 5-15 minutes to scribble down my ideas, even on a traditional notepad, would be frowned upon.

Speaking of the owner, not my favourite person. He has the tendency to talk to me like I’m subhuman. He talks to us all like that. He has friends. All of them living very comfortably. I think he may only respect those who have worked hard to become wealthy, like himself. I’m certainly not going to please him by being a good employee. He ignores us when we do well, and berates us all if he thinks that any of us are doing something wrong.

I’m done being ordered around. It’s high time I found a way to make writing a financially viable career path. I’ve already thought about asking for donations, in fact this blog has many times included links to my Paypal (see what I did there). I’ve also thought about a GoFundMe campaign, but it doesn’t feel right.

I’m currently on the cusp of asking various local, national and international companies for sponsorship, in exchange I will help them sell their products. I’ll start with companies whose products I already enjoy, but I’d also love to showcase small business and start-ups. It also occurred to me that I could try to sell some of the business ideas I have from time to time.

For example, I wrote a document entitled “How To Sell More Food – Why ‘To-Go’ Boxes Are Awesome”. I posted a copy in my Writing Archive (follow the link if you’re curious). It’s aimed at restaurants and offers a step-by-step process to introduce the concept of taking leftovers, and even extra meals and desserts, home in a to-go container when you’ve finished your meal.


This is something that is common in America, but is under-utilised here in the UK. The restaurant where I’m currently working will pack up your food if you ask, but makes no effort to inform customers that it’s an option. I was going to present a copy of this proposal to my boss today. I even rehearsed what I was going to say to him, however he didn’t make a point of coming to find me and tell me to sweep the leaves or not to poke the fire, so I brought it home again.

I have real trouble working for someone that I don’t like. The thought of doing anything to increase his wealth makes me nauseous, so I’m glad he didn’t get a chance to read my ideas. I honestly wouldn’t expect him to adopt my suggestions anyway, and certainly not to pay me for them. I have to find a better way to make money though. Working my arse off for minimum wage and receiving no respect or appreciation is not going to tolerated much longer.

I could find another job, but it would likely be the same old story. Good employers aren’t hiring. They don’t have to. Their workers stay. Anywhere that is hiring is likely to have a high turnover due to the job being rubbish, the pay being crap, the boss/ owner being awful or a combination of the above.

I want to work for myself. Until that’s possible, I’d at least like to be writing for a living. Writing product reviews, ghostwriting, blogging (for someone that pays), interviewing authors to create their biography (which was an actual opportunity I’ve found and applied to already) or something like that.


If you happen to be rich and are willing to pay me $200 a week to write you unique stories for your kids (or yourself) about a bear named Frank that goes on adventures, I will do that! I’ll be your own personal author, write anything you want and no-one else will be allowed to read it except you and your kids (and me of course). I’d love the challenge.

Anyway, it’s now midnight. I have more writing I’d like to get more writing done tomorrow before my shift starts at 3pm. If by some miracle, you happen to be a wealthy individual or corporation willing to hire me to write for you then please contact me. It’s all I want for Christmas! I’m going to go to bed now and hope there’ll be something nice in my inbox when I wake.

Goodnight, and have a great day 🙂