Happy Birthday to Me!!

It was my birthday today! I’m now 38 years old. If I want to leave an impression on the world before I die, I have less than 50 years left to do it in. Assuming I get the chance to die of old age instead of being run over, blasted by a nuclear missile, stabbed to death, fallen victim to cancer, lost the fight to my own occasionally suicidal thoughts, or a meteorite impacts the earth and kills everyone.

A little dramatic and negative for my birthday perhaps, but it’s still a thought I have. I’m not going to mope about it, or wring my hands worrying about it. I’m going to get things done! I’ve already started adding weekly updates to my work-in-progress on ‘The Haunted Story’, and created a new Patreon page to help gain support for it.

For those that don’t know I wrote a short ghost story called ‘The Haunted Story’. S0 many people liked it I decided to expand on the premise. The short story was renamed ‘Dead Letter‘, the first story in the haunted series. The story I’m working on now is called ‘Investigation’ and you can read parts 1, 2 and 3 by following the links, or by going up to the tab labelled ‘The Haunted Story’ above.

The basic premise is that Mark Anderson has studied ghosts and decided to deliberately become one. He aims to increase the strength of his manifestation by binding his soul to the story of his traumatic death and subsequent ghostly apparition. Anyone that hears the story will become haunted by him. ‘Dead Letter‘ sets up this premise, having been written as if it was the note found with Mark Anderson’s grotesquely mutilated body.

‘Investigation’ follows Detective Janet Burrows. A homicide detective who has been assigned to the case and told to treat it as a murder case, despite the suicide note. Given the horrific nature of Mark Anderson’s death, it seems highly unlikely he did it to himself. Janet needs to find his killer, but the prime suspect seems terrified of something no-one else can see, and he kills himself shortly afterward. Then she begins to see things herself.

If you think this sounds right up your alley, please follow my progress and let me know what you like, and don’t like, about the story so far. If you can show your support by becoming a patron, you’ll get email notifications whenever there’s an update, and a signed free copy of the book when it’s published. If you can’t afford to do that, you can also buy the Kindle ebook version of The Haunted Story: Dead Letter on Amazon for just 99c. A review would also be greatly appreciated.

You can still check back every Saturday to see what I’ve added the night before, even if you’re not able to contribute financially to the project. Your feedback and encouragement would be very helpful and just a valuable to me as any monetary donations. You can also help me immensely by inviting others to this website to check out my work, and sharing ‘The Haunted Story’ with them.

Don’t worry, Mark Anderson’s ghost isn’t going to show up and scare you to death. You and those you share it with have nothing to fear. It’s just a story. 😉


My writing career isn’t the only thing I’m taking positive action on. I need to make some friends in this town. I love my family, but it’d be nice to get out of the house and play some games or just hang out with people on my wavelength.

I realised during a conversation online that I was unlikely to find fellow geeks in the local pubs. We’d be far more likely to be at home, online. Luckily, the town I’ve been living in since January has a Facebook group in which the townsfolk post public notices and ask each for favours and recommendations. So I made a post of my own, asking for help finding geeky new friends.

The response I got was amazing, and we soon had our own separate Facebook group with 40 members and a meeting scheduled in one of the local pubs I’d helped out as an odd-jobber! I’m looking forward to the first meeting, and getting to know some of the local geeks and gamers.

If you happen to be from Kidwelly in Wales, and a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, the MCU, Rick and Morty, Supernatural, Doctor Who, video games, tabletop games and anything else even remotely geeky, feel free to join Games and Geekery of Kidwelly and come along to our first meeting on 7th May at the Masons Arms. It should be fun 🙂

My birthday was fun. I got to play the card game ‘Bears and Babies‘ with my nieces, and to spend time with my sister. For my next birthday though, I hope the have a reasonable circle of friends I can share it with, and possibly be able to afford to buy my friends and family awesome presents when all their birthdays roll around.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your continued interest in my writing and my life.

Have a great day. 🙂

The Possession of Poppy

I love ghost stories. I find them particularly fascinating when they are true stories.

One of the Facebook groups I participate in occasionally is called ‘Horror and Paranormal Activity‘. Another member of that group recently asked ‘What is your ghost story?’ I gave them the answer most of you know from the article ‘Mischief and Magic‘ (if you don’t know the story you can see it in the image below). The person who replied next caught my attention.

A Ghost Possession

If you’re reading this in a format that doesn’t display images, here’s what he says:

“I have been possessed by a ghost, it’s not fun. You have no control over your body….[if] you have any questions about it just ask me”

So I did!

Antony Copeland Were you aware of the ghost before it possessed you?
Poppy Charmed Yes, but I did not ever think it would go inside of me.
Antony Copeland Had it been around for a while then?
Poppy Charmed Being possessed hurts a lot.
Poppy Charmed Yes since the 70’s, But I move into my house in 2005, I did not know anything about the house dark past, the owner did not fill me in on that until I began to look into the back ground of the houses history.
Antony Copeland Did you find out who the ghost was?
Poppy Charmed Yes, it was a Seventeen year old girl who killed her parents and her new born sister.
Antony Copeland Did you learn this through research, or while she was inside you?
Poppy Charmed Both,But I had to relive it in her memory’s. That was horrible. Seeing her parents beg for mercy before she took their heads, and she beheaded her baby sister. No matter what I did I had to relive that over and over again.
Antony Copeland Were you paralysed, or did she move you?
Poppy Charmed Yes, I Could not move at all, but how she met her end was what I felt.
Antony Copeland How did she meet her end?
Poppy Charmed The police telling her to put down the knife or they will shoot, Then I felt the bullet’s rip through my body. My friends told me that I screamed like never before. But that was only the start of it.
Antony Copeland What happened next?
Poppy Charmed It spoke, I had no control over my mouth or my voice, it sounded like me, but it was not me.
Antony Copeland What did it say?
Poppy Charmed That she was very sorry for what she did, and that she knew that what she did was bad. That when she died she said she woke up in a place where she had to relive her murder over and over again. She wanted to be free from the place she was sent.
Antony Copeland Were you able to free her spirit, or is she still trapped there?
Poppy Charmed The place where she was worse.
Poppy Charmed My friends told me that once you kill somebody you can’t be set free. You have to pay for your crimes.
Antony Copeland Before the pain of the phantom bullets, what did the possession feel like?
Poppy Charmed Like your insides are on fire and there is nothing you can do.
Antony Copeland Spirits can be banished. I’ve done it.
Poppy Charmed Not all of them, if they are truly ever, they won’t leave with out a fight. The girl inside me was not ready to leave.
Antony Copeland She didn’t just leave after she delivered her message?
Poppy Charmed No she did not. Not without a fight.
Antony Copeland How did you get her to leave?
Poppy Charmed She did not like it that she was told to leave, so she became angry.
Antony Copeland What happened then?
Poppy Charmed I had to make a deal with her.
Antony Copeland What was the deal?
Poppy Charmed That if she left me I would in return help the lost sprites, and I can also sense ghost now. Then I woke up. I was possessed for ten days.
Poppy Charmed I still live in that house today. I can still sense her in the house. But she has not tried to possess me again. She was a girl who was lost and misunderstood. She killed her family out of hate because she was abuse by her father and her mother knew about that and did nothing. I found that out after I was possessed. Her father made her do sexual thing with him,I also had to relive that.
I was blown away by this. I’d never heard a first hand account of someone being involuntarily possessed by a ghost before!
Poppy is a 34 year old male living in Alberta, Canada. It’s not his birth name, in case you were wondering. If you’re as intrigued by Poppy’s story as I was you can ask him about it yourself by following on of the links above to his Facebook profile. Be sure to send me a friend request too while you’re at it!
If you prefer your ghost stories good and fake, please give The Haunted Story: Dead Letter a read. I’m currently working on The Haunted Story: Investigation, which follows on from Dead Letter and and shows you what the ghost of Mark Anderson can do. Thanks to Poppy Charmed I’ve been able to plug a major plot hole!
Fans of the Horror genre should also check out the Darkness Within Ezine. The new VP of which did the amazing cover art for the Kindle version of The Haunted Story: Dead Letter!
The Haunted Story - Dead Letter eCover
Do you have any real-life ghost stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.
Have a great day! 🙂
I sent Poppy a link to the article, to make sure he approved of it, and something amazing happened!

Poppy – Thank you for telling my story.

Me – You’re welcome. Anything to add? Anything you want remove?

Poppy – The girl name was Livea, becouse to told me.

Me – Awesome. Anything else?

Poppy – She want to talk to you.

Me – I’m listening

Poppy – Ok this is your one opportunity to talk to her, so I will let her in my body for a little while. If you have any questions for her this would be the time to ask,

Me – Okay. I appreciate it. Livea?

Poppy (as Livea) – yes.

Me – Is there anything specific you want to tell me?

Poppy (as Livea) – I am sorry for killing my family, I only wanted daddy to stop hurting me, and for mommy to listen.

Me – I can tell the world you’re sorry. Would you like to move on?

Poppy (as Livea) – I would, but I have to pay for my crimes, hell is real. I am in there. I want to give out one last message.

Me – I’m listening

Poppy (as Livea) – I am sorry and that don’t let this happen to anyone els. That evil is real and so is hell. The devil is real. In hell you must relive your crimes over and over again. That is my punishment.

Me – I will tell them. It’s going to be okay. Anything else you need to tell me?

Poppy (as Livea) – Let them know you spoke to me, goodbye Antony Copeland.

Me – I will. Goodbye Livea

Poppy – She is gone, I can’t feel her anymore or sense her.

Me – I hope she forgives herself.

Poppy – Me too. What was her message.

Me – I’ll add it to the article. That was intense. I can’t imagine what it was like for you

Poppy – My body feel like it was set on fire. My skin is very hot right now.

Me – I think you’re amazingly brave to agree to be her conduit like that. You probably need to rest, right?

Poppy – Your welcome. Let her story be heard, print it, that is what she would have wanted. I have to lay in cold water now. But thank you for this. Bye.

Me – Thank you too. Goodbye for now.

I’m shaking right now! Share this with everyone. If you have the means to publish this, even if it’s only a local community magazine, please print this! Maybe if Livea’s message spreads to enough people her curse will be lifted and she can finally rest in peace, and leave poor Poppy in peace also.
This is one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had. Have you had a similar experience? Tell us in the comments.
Have a great day 🙂

‘The Lost Boys’ TV Series

The CW, which brought us ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and the ‘Vampire Diaries’ has managed to land the rights to a series adaptation of the 1987 Warner Bros. classic ‘The Lost Boys‘. Rob Thomas, famed for creating ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘iZombie’, along with Gulfstream TV and Warner Bros Television, are responsible for new tv show reboot.

The show will take a slightly different approach to the idea than Joel Schumacher’s original cult film. It’s planned to run for 7 seasons, each season marking a different decade over a 70-year span. The only characters remaining the same from season to season will be the Lost Boys themselves, everyone and everything else will change. Season one is set to take place in 1967 San Francisco, during the ‘Summer of Love’.


For more information on the people involved in the project, see the full article at deadline.com. Personally I don;t recognise the names, but perhaps those of you more familiar with Rob Thomas and Gulfstream will be interested enough to go take a look. There’s no news on the cast yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for further developments.

I was a big fan of the original ‘The Lost Boys’ movie, once I got a chance to see it. I was only 7 years old when it first came out. My Mum was right to not let me see it. These aren’t your modern shiny vampires obsessed with relationships. These vampires are monsters interested in blood, power and corruption. I’m very much looking forward to seeing vampires once more play the monstrous villains and not the heartbroken victims.


Having said that, I wish it would have been Netflix, or even HBO, that got the deal. A series based on ‘The Lost Boys’ has the potential to be a truly horrifying gorefest, and I’m not sure that The CW would be able to deliver that. The bloodshed and violence would have to be toned down by a considerable degree. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting project, and I look forward to seeing how well they accomplish their cited goal, to show what it’s really like to be immortal.

If you haven’t seen the original, do so. Right now. Here’s the trailer:

Metal Gear Survive

I know I hinted in the last post that I was going to write a full article on CW’s new “The Lost Boys” tv show, maybe I still will. I just have to get this out first while it’s fresh. I got an alert from Gamespot that there’s a new 4-player Metal Gear game set for release in 2017 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

It’s called Metal Gear Survive, and it takes place right after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The official announcement trailer from Gamescom 2016 shows a lot of footage set during the ending of Ground Zeroes.

It’s a Metal Gear game so it will still have stealth mechanics at its core, allowing you to covertly avoid and overcome all manner of biological horrors in addition to the headless zombies we see in the trailer. We’re also going to see some new weaponry in the game, such as the bow and arrow seen in the stills, giving us more than the traditional pistols and rifles.

Since the game takes place in an alternate timeline, pulling the players, fellow and parts of Mother Base through a wormhole into a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, I’m wondering it the reason for the primitive weaponry is due to a scarcity of ammunition, causing your party of up to 4 playable characters to get a little creative with your killing. It wouldn’t really be much of a survival game otherwise.

According to Konami, Metal Gear Survive “pursues a fresh spirit of exploration in unique gameplay mechanics.”

Tomotada Tashiro, European President for Konami Digital Entertainment, said “We are delighted to announce another exciting addition to the Metal Gear franchise.”  “Metal Gear Survive will offer a fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience.”

An official press release also said, “In a struggle to stay alive on this harsh terrain filled with deadly creatures, soldiers who were previously on Mother Base now must work cooperatively in order to survive. Metal Gear Survive continues the pedigree of Metal Gear Solid V’s highly praised gameplay design, with a unique blend of stealth and co-op play mechanics.

“Players can strategically manage massive threats with the help of four-player online cooperative play. New weaponry will also be introduced to combat charging creatures and lethal environments as well.”

Clearly we can look forward to a new twist on a classic franchise that should be a lot of fun. Here’s Gamespot’s video on the subject (if the embed works, if not click here):