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I’d much rather be writing full time than working at a hotel and writing in my spare time. I’d have more time to work on my stories, to develop new writing projects for Creative Writers, and keep up on this blog! I’m currently working (not writing) full time to try and raise the money to produce the Monolith anthology. Copyright protection, professional editing, contracts, etc. It’s tricky when I have to keep spending what I earn on food, socks and bus travel.

I’ve also gotten it into my head that I should try to see some of the world, while I can. Originally this plan would involve going wherever I felt like, but since then I’ve been chatting with a girl from Italy, and she’s lovely. I’m really looking forward to meeting her in person. However, now that I have a specific goal (rather than just planning to wonder),  it’s going to be a tad more expensive than I’d planned, and make it even harder to build up a comfortable cushion of money for the Monolith project.

The first priority has to be the book, of course. We’re going to release it for sale in January, and we’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m excited about the project and the direction that Creative Writers is heading in future. It’s going to get harder to stay on top of everything as we get deeper into the project, and take more of my time. I can recruit more people to help, but it would be great if I didn’t have to divide my focus between Creative Writers’ Press and a paying job. Eventually, we’ll sell enough books to generate a nice income, but for now, I’m relying on whatever work I can get and generosity.

However, I’m also eager to travel, specifically to Italy and discover if the woman I’ve been messaging is as amazing in person as she seems to be online. My backstory would suggest that it will be a disaster, but maybe I’ve earned a win? If history repeats and it all goes south, I will have visited Italy. I can visit some other countries on my bucket list as I make my way back home. Turn a disaster into an adventure. It might also be as magic as it feels, and be exactly the relationship I’ve been hoping for all my life. I might even be happy. If there’s even a slim chance of finding happiness, I have to go for it, right?

So where should I put my money (besides furthering my writing career)? Should I be trying to rid myself of the yoke of labour and focus on writing all the time instead of just in my spare time? Would it better to stick with the ‘day-job’ and save up for a trip (followed potentially by a move) to Italy? I will be trying my damnedest to do both.

If you’d like to support me and my writing, maybe you can help me decide:

As you can see, I couldn’t quite figure out how to set up two different Paypal campaigns and separate linked images. However, I’d be happy to hear your opinions in the comments (though I’d rather not be told that I shouldn’t be trying to earn money from my writing, again. Consider your opinion heard already).

I’m not expecting this to work any better than any of the other crowdfunding attempts I’ve tried. Probably because most of the people following my blog are broke writers looking for a way to make money too, but just because it hasn’t worked before, doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

If you do happen to be a fellow writer though, you should definitely come find me in the Creative Writers group on Facebook. We can chat in more detail about my grand plan and how you might benefit from it.

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