What’s this all about then?

Writing is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love telling stories, building worlds and creatures, history and prophecy. I’ve so far lacked the discipline, courage, or prerequisite knowledge to really make a go of it. I still have much to learn, but I’ve taken the first few steps on the path. I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

I enjoy science fiction, especially weird ones with a touch of magic. I like fantasy, especially with a little ridiculousness or a touch of horror. Being British I grew up with Monty Python, Roald Dahl, The Goodies, Bananaman & SuperTed, Warhammer 40,000, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Plenty of bizarre, weird and downright unusual stories. I have absolutely no doubt that it all influenced my own creativity.

The first story I remember writing was a short story right after I’d learned that the Moon rotated about it’s axis. I scribbled down an excited little paragraph about a spaceman that landed on the moon, walked around a bit, and the couldn’t find the ship because the moon had moved. I wrote it all in one long sentence, punctuated only by the word ‘and’!

Someday I may go back a write ‘the lost Spaceman’ as a children’s book, or a sci-fi thriller! For now though I’m working of 2 stories that I’d like to get published as books when I’m done. “The City of Gate: Chronicles” will be a collection of stories and lore from the Facebook group “The City of Gate“. The CoG group is an ongoing writing project. Every weekend I write a new update telling the members what is happening in the world, to their characters, and what the non-player characters are doing. The members who are playing then have until the following weekend to comment with their character’s actions and reactions. It may turn out to have limited appeal, but I love the world I’m building and the characters coming to life in it, and I think the Facebook game and the book could help promote each other.

The other story I’m working on is a bit tougher. A sci-fi novel. Back when the working title was “9 to 5 Spaceman”, it was just going to be about a guy working on a spaceship. The portal gates that connect the ship to earth allows him to work an 8 hours shift and then go home. He can even take lunch breaks on Earth. To make matters interesting I decided to incorporate ideas from another little story I had come up with when I was younger, called “The Ship”. This story was about a sentient spaceship, an artificial intelligence collecting material from planetoids and meteors so it can continue to explore. In the original version, ‘the ship’ was going to be alien. I had also had an idea for a society where almost everyone has an augmented reality device. This story was going to be called “The Avalon System”, because society would be living in a fantasy world of cosmetic digital enhancements and virtual purchases. The story that combined these ideas had been called “Hermes” after the name I chose for the AI about the spaceship, but I’ve been focussing too much on the ship. I’m currently trying to reboot the story so that we can explore the human characters in more depth. We will see how the augmented reality collars, which I’ve renamed “the N-Viron System”, affect everyday life. I may even reboot the villain. We’ll see.

I’ll be posting my progress, other story ideas and bits of free-writing, and nerdy stuff. I’ll also be paying homage to my friends by posting articles and updates about their own projects. Including a podcast I co-host called “The Masquerade with Bumble and the Brit“. Please subscribe, like & share, and re-tweet your favorite posts. Comments, questions and suggestions would be appreciated, though I may chose to do my own thing anyway. After all, what’s the point in starting your own blog unless you get to write whatever to want? I am going to be strict with myself about one thing though, and feel free to call me on it when I slip. I am going to write something everyday. At least one page, post, article, video, or random thought per day. I may end up deleting it later, but I intend to keep copies of everything I write, even if it’s crap, in my Writing Archive!

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